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Estimates are carefully derived at by AirX Estimating personnel at We pay close attention to project details, as-builts and other data provided by the Customer.  These details allow us to provide as thorough and accurate an estimate as possible. Our estimating team prides themselves as being uber responsive and clear with communications and pricing.

What information can Customers provide to help our estimators?

  1. As-Built, Plans, and Maps
  2. Scope of Work, Deadlines, and Restrictions
  3. Is your project Prevailing Wage?
  4. Are contaminated soils a consideration?
  5. Will traffic control be required?
  6. Are difficult soil conditions such as cobble rock, caliche or extra dense clay present?
  7. What are surface patching requirements? (asphalt, concrete, grind & overlay, etc)?
  8. Will paint removal be required?

These and any other details that can be provided at the time of your request will assist us to make informed and thorough estimates for your project.

We are versatile and able to assist your project on multiple levels. We are not a “One-Stop-Shop” but we are a highly efficient, well rounded, engineering support company.  We fully understand the value of quality work and we have an established reputation as a contractor, built on helping our customers again, and again, year after year.

Please contact one of our estimators now to assist you!

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