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Utility Locating

AirX uses the latest technology to locate subsurface utilities. We utilize GPR, RFID, Electromagnetic Profiling, Sonar and CCTV with lateral launching capabilities to precisely pinpoint utility locations.

Potholing – Hydro / Air Excavation

Water rules! When it comes to potholing, nothing beats hydro-excavation in efficiency, speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Our equipment has cutting rates 3x higher than air-powered methods.

For environmental or archeologically sensitive sites, AirX provides air-powered excavation solutions. We can quickly backfill the hole after excavation using dry dirt that was removed.

Traffic Control

There is no need to hire a separate traffic control company to support your project. AirX has highly-trained, certified traffic control and flagger crews that will take care of planning, equipment, set-up, and teardown. We also provide traffic control and right-of-way plan drawing and permit processing services.

Full Report Documentation

It’s all in the details. We provide a comprehensive report after every job. From utility type, size and material, directions and elevations to photos and maps, you will get all the necessary information vital to your project.


AirX offers a complete solution for all your subsurface utility engineering needs. You don’t need to worry about hiring multiple contractors to finish your project. From Traffic Control and Right of Way Plans, Permit Processing, Set Up and Maintenance of Equipment on site, to AC Hot Patch Repairs, AirX can do it all.