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    I started this out by addressing you all as “team.” I did this because I firmly believe that our success in this project is because we have come together as a team to provide the Gas Co. excellent service. I know at times we were operating at “breakneck” speed and my expectations may have seemed impossible, but you all shined and went above and beyond in your performance. Each one of you lent your expertise to this project and whether you are processing LAPs, the roster, providing base maps, as-building, providing the potholing services, providing the aerial mapping or providing the easements and maps, you have made my job easier.

    Tom Pilarski, PLS
    Project Manager/Associate

    I want to express my gratitude towards you and your staff on an impossible task they pulled off in a very unreasonable time frame…Your team really knocked this out of the park. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.

    Ken Haynes, PLS
    Associate Surveyor

    Tenacious is a good word to describe the efforts of your crew…I just wanted to let you how impressed I was with the “Never Say No” attitude of your hard working crew.

    Frank Bollinger
    City of San Diego

    I know this was out of the norm for you guys and I really appreciate how they put in the extra effort. I was about to give up and throw in the towel but their persistence and hard work made it happen and I am very pleased. A big thank you to you and your company.

    Ernesto R. Fernandez, P.E.
    Sr. Corrosion Engineer, Public Utilities Department
    City of San Diego

    Thank you again for the level of professionalism that your group brought to the project.

    Neil G. Velsor
    Senior Project Manager/Designer
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